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Our Most Commonly Asked Questions On Mileage And Availability Are Here!!!

By on December 20th, 2017

Hi all,

We always get asked the following – but panic not, we do this all the time and want you to trust us to be able to look after your vehicle needs.

Q – Do you only do 10,000 miles a year contracts?
A – No – we display this as it is the most common – we can do unto 120k over a 4 year period with most manufacturers

Q – Can you get the monthly cost down?
A – There are three ways of doing this followed by a curveball:

Lower Mileage per year (excess applies)
Longer Term (We like 3 year deals but you can have 4 if you wish)
Bigger Initial Payment (We like to keep these down but another £1000 up front could make a £25-30 a month difference)

Curveball – Our dealers may have a car that is ready for delivery that is higher specification but has extra discount. This car may have a panoramic sunroof as an extra but this will be subsidised to you are getting a better deal, with a nice option on your new car, albeit with a higher payment.

Q – Can I have the car next week?
A – We try to offer cars which are available in the next 4 weeks, as this is how long the process can take, but allowing for a choice of car. There aren’t too many cars in stock at dealers nowadays, so we allow for delivery to give you more choice in colour, engine and model. That being said, we can quickly find out what is available in the next week or two, if you are in a hurry.

Q – Do I need good credit?
A – Yes

Q – Do you do self employed leases and do I need good credit?
A – Yes and Yes

Q – My limited company has been trading two years is that OK?
A – Yes, most manufacturers will look at your business for a lease, they may well need possible extra information.

Q – Can you get any car?
A – Yes! We have contacts throughout the industry, and as time goes on, more partner deals will appear on the site – but if you cannot see it – please ask!

This is all easier by phone – please call us on 01423 623 514

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"The whole process was so painless & trouble-free that acquiring a new car was actually a pleasure. Thank you for all your hard work."

Miss Campbell, Dundee

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