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By on January 18th, 2018


We can explain all of these to you if you wish to get in touch.

We are here to do Lease or Hire which:

Includes vehicle tax
No worries about selling the car at the end
Helps cashflow
Most of the time better value
No equity disappointment at the end
Growth area

Businesses and High Earners have been leasing for years, but now the product is spreading to all demographics.

This is a good video, if you wish to copy and paste the link:

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What our customers are saying

"I was delighted with the service I received. I was always treated as an individual and am delighted at the outcome. The hassle of finding a car and dealing with challenging sales people was taken away from me. It was good to place my confidence in Alastair and be assured of securing the best deal possible. He achieved a substantial saving on the cost of the car and I have a better model of car for a cheaper price!"

F. MacLeod, Clarkston, nr. Glasgow

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